I & Me and Sometime My: The Obsession with Self


Searching for a meaningful life in all the wrong places is a problem for many. We can gauge our thoughts until they become unbearable. Our wants, our desires and our feeling can saturate our minds until they overflow and spread like cancer throughout our home.

Most people are selfish, insecure and their thinking is dominated by fear. They use their mind as a place to discuss conflicting ideas about who they are or more importantly, who they can become. They run from themselves by going deeper into isolation of the mind. No seed have ever grown from isolation. The connection and association with light and hope enables the spirit to grow. For many years people have deceived themselves because of their inability to make sense of life. They come to believe that the key to life is wealth, pleasure or success unaware they are the locks to life.

The gift of life is a present from God not a puzzle to figure out. When life doesn’t unfold the way we would like it to, many become spiritually unstable. Growing spiritually is a calm awareness that life can offer lose and disappointment as well as failures and setbacks. Obsession with self creates an illusion that the world revolves around us or a fairy tale that we will always be happy. When we embrace the spiritual principle of giving, (a narrow road that few travels), it will free us from self and leads us to freedom. We must develop a new approach to life if we want to survive and experience the enjoyments that life has to offer.

Understand the liberty and freedom that is in Christ. We are called to live in freedom by serving others in love. Living for self is frustrating while living for Christ is peaceful. Self-obsession keeps us from love, compassion and freedom because most are unaware of who they are. When we become friends of the world and its pleasure we can’t be friends with Christ too.

Freedom comes from knowing ourselves on a spiritually level. If we want to grow we must first know. Knowing who we are in Christ improve our attitude. Most people experiences are really a perception of reality. Letting the love of God dominant our thoughts gives us the courage to check our behaviors and feeling, clearing the way for a better understand of self.

The world has so much to offer when we put Christ first in our lives. We begin to see beyond own selfish needs and wants. When we serve others we serve ourselves, please God, and become rich and joyful in spirit. Now that’s what I call a successful and meaningful life.



2 thoughts on “I & Me and Sometime My: The Obsession with Self

  1. I appreciate your exploration of what I like to call self-involved vs. self-evolved. I love that you take us in this post to places we don’t want to acknowledge – our selfish behaviors. And, again, I’m inspired by your focus on Giving. It’s interesting that we are so much more fulfilled when we stop the selfish behavior and give instead. May we all! Thanks for another inspiring, thought-provoking post!

    • I always said that living spiritually is about recognizing that there is room to grow and service can become a powerful tool for transformation. Thanks for stopping by Suzy!

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